At the commencement of each project, we will draw up a detailed work plan, including, goals, methods, measurable success criteria, and resource requirements. Our services include:

Project Execution - Initiating new projects - from inception, until the implementation of a sustainable project.

Raising Resources - Building a fundraising system from philanthropic foundations or public offices for a specific project or several projects.

Project Management - Managing existing projects from A to Z – including, if necessary, promoting and expanding them.

Initial research - Producing a situation report and an in-depth understanding of the social issues in question.

Strategic Consulting - Building a strategic plan together with the organization’s management, including defining vision and objectives; refining theories of change and methods.

Evaluation and measurement - Creating a suitable system for testing and proving the project’s or program's compliance with the defined objective.

Sample Projects


The Jerusalem Development Authority - The establishment and management of three unique projects:
Academic City - Leading municipal policy regarding academic institutions in order to increase the number of students in Jerusalem and increase the number of graduates who reside in the city after graduation.
City-Government - Building an economic, strategic plan to connect the public sector employees in the National Quarter with the urban fabric. Accelerating the construction of office buildings in Jerusalem - Building a strategic plan to increase the number of building starts in Giv’at Shaul and at the entrance to the city.
Services provided: Strategy building with a matching work plan, ongoing budget management, development, and promotion of new programs, gaining their approval and implementation.


The Unit for Development and Entrepreneurship, East Jerusalem - Development of a new project aimed at making higher education accessible to residents of East Jerusalem and connecting academic graduates to the Israeli labor market in general and the Jerusalem labor market in particular.
Services provided: Building a strategic plan and work plan; managing the current budget; raising government and philanthropic funds; developing and promoting new programs and gaining their approval.


East Jerusalem Development Company - Examining the implementation of government decisions to promote the education system in East Jerusalem while carrying out public participation procedures to improve the implementation process.
Services provided: Examination of work plans, creating tools for professional assessment and measurement systems, and sharpening of work program goals.


The Gandyr Foundation - Management of the “Managers’ Forum of Alumni Organizations for Social Organizations” project. The Forum trains and promotes directors of Alumni programs who actively work to address social issues through forum participants and program alumni.
Services provided: promotion and expansion of the project, raising additional resources, development of a new strategy, and a customized work plan.


MATI Jerusalem - Building a system of interest-free loans for young Jerusalem residents entering the world of higher education. The program is funded by philanthropists and is implemented in practice.
Services provided: The construction of a strategic plan and raising designated funds from philanthropic foundations.


Susnrise Israel - Building an initial strategy for the establishment of Sunrise Israel’s alumni organization by developing a unique training system that enables potential alumni to collaborate in building the organizational model.
Services provided: building a strategic plan and developing training systems.


The Kibbutz Movement - Optimizing the movement’s way of working with past-members of the movement, by sharpening their action plans and implementation models to maximize the social impact of the movement through its past-members.
Services provided: Refining the strategic and work plans.

About Me

From an early age, I felt the drive to engage in social activities and participate in shaping the future of the State of Israel. After completing my army service as a helicopter pilot and a year traveling around the world (half a year on a bicycle ...) I decided to return to Jerusalem, where I was born and raised.

The city of Jerusalem, where I had studied and completed my first and second degrees, was also fertile ground for social action. The city is a microcosm of Israeli society, presenting innumerable complex, social problems, but also countless opportunities for change and development.

Thanks to my extensive experience of working in this city, I developed the patience, the faith, the diligence, the ability to develop partnerships and the required connection to the people in the field, as well as the professional tools, the clear strategic plans and clear objectives required for the implementation of successful projects.

I believe that the basis for any successful project lies in working with good people. They also need support, guidance, and professional knowledge.